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Amazon Launch New Trial for Delivering Goods to Customers by Drones

31st August, 2016
Amazon has been granted special permissions to push forward with plans to create an airborne delivery system that can get parcels to customers in just 30 minutes.
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Uber to introduce self-driving cars in Pittsburgh

24th August, 2016
Uber has teamed up with Volvo to launch one of the biggest advancements in modern technology.
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Google to train 2 million developers on Android in India

17th August, 2016
Tech giant Google aims to train about 2 million developers in India on its Android platform over the next three years to stack up on the high-quality talent pool in the country.
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The Digital overload 'sparks digital detox for millions of Britons'

10th August, 2016
A an overload of web and digital communication has led millions of people in the UK to take a break from the digital world.
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Android Phones helping to protect and save lives

3rd August, 2016
Thanks to a fresh new Android update, the impossible became possible and your phone might save your life.
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