1 Jan

10 Money Saving ideas for New Year's

Switch Energy Provider -

Why should you pay more than you need to for gas and electricity when there is a cheaper option?

Many can’t be bothered to switch because it’s a hassle, but this is where you go wrong. You can save up to £300 if you switch. It takes only five minutes to check cheaper energy prices and then SWITCH. Everything is usually done between your old energy supplier and the new one so it isn’t actually that much of a hassle for you. There isn’t a loss of supply and everything should go smoothly. The only different thing would be the name of the direct debit on your bank statement and that you save money every month.

Remember to check this every year so you can save all the time!


Don’t auto re-new -

Don’t settle. When your insurance is up for renewal, don’t renew it straight away for the amount you get quoted. It’s easy and quick to use a comparison site to check whether you can get a better deal financially. Customer service is a factor in sticking with some companies but ask yourself if it’s really worth it.


Create a budget –

I do admit creating a budget can take some time but after you have it, the resolution can be ticked off, then you have to try and stick to it.

So many people don’t really realise how much they earn, forget how much money is used for bills, random spending and food. Keeping track of what money goes where will help you save you a lot of money. Have a look at your bank statements and write down what you get paid every month and how much goes where. Add up the list and subtract your bills etc to see what you have left. Then you can adjust your spending accordingly by either cutting down on your bills or your spending.


Start saving for an emergency –

Take a little bit of your money (even a few quid) and put it aside, this will help you in an emergency. Depending on your bills, you can start saving accordingly monthly or weekly. Once this fund is filled and in place, you can start saving towards something else but you can be confident then that you have something to fall back on.


Quit your habits –

Try and cut back (even if it’s just a little) on your bad habits and you’ll be in a much better place financially. For example smoking, not only is this better for your healthy but you will be saving a lot of money too. Try cutting back on going out as well, instead of going to the cinema once a week, go once in two-three weeks and go for a walk instead. Take note of how much you save and you will be surprised!

Get cashback –

Always try to go via a cashback site when you’re shopping. For each purchase you make, you earn a percentage back from what you pay. Try out Quidco and Topcashback. They also have apps and websites so you can track your purchases.


No Spending Days –

This resolution will save you good money. Don’t buy anything you don’t need. Give yourself a day each week where you don’t buy anything at all. If the idea grows on to you, then you can increase the days in the week where you don’t spend any money. This way you will also curb your unnecessary spending.


Spending diary –

Keep track of what you spend. Every time you go to the shop, take note of what you buy and how much you spend. Then you can see where you need to cut down, what have to buy and what you actually don’t need.


Change your food habits –

Switch from branded food products in the supermarket to simpler and cheaper food. Or go down one brand. Also decide to order less take-outs a week, buy a lunchbox, prepare a salad and take it to work. You’ll instantly save money.


Throw out less food –

Food wastage is on the increase in the UK. Instead of throwing your left overs, think of ways you can use it to make your next meal. Don’t throw away that half loaf of bread, make a toasted sandwich instead!

Start saving this New Year!


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