5 Mar

15 Small Start-up Business ideas


So, you want to start up a business? Earn some extra income, be your own boss. But there’s just one problem. You have no idea what to do!

Well we’ve kick started your new business venture by listing our 15 top business ideas to help you get underway!


#1 Food Business

Everyone’s a big foodie at heart, so finding some customers shouldn’t be too tricky. The health and fitness trend is showing no sign of stopping, with more and more people craving that all important health kick! So why not open a food business that allows people to eat their all-time favourite dishes, without counting the calories!


#2 Drop Shipping Online

The internet has made shopping easier than…well shopping. But have you ever thought of being on the other side of it? I know what you’re thinking where I am going to keep all the stuff I’m selling? Well with drop shipping you purchase your stock from a third party and they ship the product for you. Shopify tells us that running an ecommerce business is much more bearable when you don’t have to deal with the stress of handling the products! 


#3 Hair and Beauty

If you’re into hair, makeup or both, you can run your own salon from your home! Being a mobile beautician has its benefits, especially if you have a strong social media presence. This presence can be used as a tool to attract beauty fanatics like yourself to purchase your service. If you struggle with utilising social media check out our digital marketing services, we love helping small businesses get started!


#4 Personal Training

As mentioned before, living a healthy lifestyle is the trend of all trends. In fact, the size of the UK fitness market is growing tremendously and is estimated to reach 22.8 billion British pounds by 2020! Yes, being a personal trainer means you need to get your qualifications (come on, only legit businesses around here) but it’s definitely worth it, as it’s a very rewarding profession with flexibility for that all important work/life balance.


#5 Event Planner

Everyone loves a celebration, especially one with a personal touch. However, with people leading busy lifestyles planning an event isn’t something they can make time for. So that’s where you come in, if you have a knack for time management and organisation this could be something to get into.


#6 Designer

Always had a creative streak in you? Well, maybe designing logos or promotional content is something that you can help other businesses with. From fliers to graphic design, every company needs an original design to help shape the identity of their brand. And what better way to get that than to hire a freelancer like you to do it!


#7 Freelance photographer, videographer etc.

Freelancing is becoming a new way for a lot of creatives to fulfil their passion with as much freedom as they desire. If you’ve always enjoyed capturing moments on camera then why not make some money out of it. Building a portfolio on social media will allow you to showcase your work and attract some paying customers. If photography is your thing but social media isn’t, you can get an agency like us to build your following for you!


#8 Gift Basket/Party services

Balloons? Party favours? A hamper filled with a loved ones’ all-time favourite treats! These are all products and services that people love to gift someone for a special occasion or to have showcased at their next event. And everyone loves a personalised gift, so why not get creative and make some products that customers can’t find on the high street!


#9 Cleaning Services

Getting into a cleaning business can take you onto many different directions. You can focus on office or retail clients, or maybe help people in your local area out with some house cleaning if they’re moving out; or in need of that essential spring clean. Or, maybe cleaning cars is more up your street, helping traders detail their cars so they look good as new for their next owner!


#10 Start a business teaching your skillset.

Finally, the all-important one that people don’t really take advantage of. Believe it or not, we are all good at something, and that something that you master in, there is someone out there that wishes they could. Workshops, seminars and one to one sessions are all activities that people will invest in, so why not be the teacher they are looking for!


#11 Sewing specialist

With a constantly growing increase in fashion, the need for finding various styles and the availability of these styles for all body types is a necessity. Since most Highstreet stores don’t really cater to all sizes, (looking at your fast fashion brands!) And if they do cater, the outfit tends to look ill-fitting... so the best solution one can provide is – tailormade garments. And if you hone the skills of an excellent seamstress – this could be you!


#12 Travel planner

Are you the one always creating itineraries and planning your day when on vacation? If gathering intel from locals and not doing the typical touristy things is where you thrive, then consider a career in travel – travel planning specifically!


#13 Resume writer

A lot of people are talented and skilful but putting that to paper can be difficult sometimes, especially when there’s a dream job on the other end... So, if you have excellent copy skills and can portray even a weakness as a strength, then why not make a business out of it?! Aid your clients with tailored resumes using your exceptional writing skills. 


#14 Translator

Are you bi or multilingual? Then consider putting up these skills for sale... A lot of people like to travel and understand the local people... this is where you come in assisting and helping them understand could be a potential business idea for you to work on.


#15 DIY Interior designer

Are you creative at home design? If yes, then you can assist clients with their interior design as many people love a well-designed home but don’t have the time or mind for it, this is where you can come in and help them in this area.


So, are you ready to get started? All these are great business ideas and have a lot of demand, but the key is to market it in the most effective way possible. That’s why here at Merali Digital we specialise in personalised services to make the marketing side a whole lot easier, helping your business to grow. Take a look out our services today and comment below with your business plan!




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