31 Jul

5 Benefits of Email Marketing

5 benefits of email marketing

Did you know that email is nearly 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers. Bet you didn’t!

Also, did you know you just have 4 seconds to grab your readers’ attention and interest them.


  1. Feedback

If you want customers to interact, engage, and buy from your business in the future, keeping an eye on their experience is crucial.

You can achieve this by using email marketing. For instance, you can use email campaigns to distribute customer satisfaction surveys and get feedback from your customers.

Ask your followers what type of content they want to see. Public polls on ‘Instagram ,Twitter, Facebook asking them which type of content they are interested in seeing.


  1. More sales

Email marketing may really increase your revenue in addition to being a great marketing tool.

In fact, 59% of marketers see email as their top source of ROI.

Email marketing campaigns can promote goods or services, persuade customers to make a purchase after leaving items in their shopping cart, or send customers exclusive deals.

Your email marketing campaigns may simply include messages that persuade customers to buy from you as they have opted-in to receive your messages and updates.


  1. Right audience

You need to be in front of the appropriate customers at the right moment if you want your marketing effort to be effective.

Did you know that 30% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone.

People are considerably simpler to contact with email marketing since they often check their inboxes. Any marketing effort can succeed if people can access it at any time and on a variety of devices.

This implies that you frequently interact with your audience, keeping your name in their minds.


  1. Save time.

By designing targeted, automated programs that are pre-scheduled, email automation can help you save time.

You can even build a pipeline using email marketing automation that sends out particular messages depending on subscriber activity.

For instance, you may set up a series of welcome emails to automatically send new subscribers a number of emails over time or to remind consumers of the things they abandoned in their online shopping cart.

With these automatic campaigns, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business while your emails do the work for you. This can help you save time and give your customers a consistent, effective experience.


  1. Brand awareness

Since email marketing enables you to routinely engage with your target audience in their inbox, it may be a terrific approach to raise brand recognition.

You can develop a relationship with your subscribers and keep your business at the forefront of their minds by regularly sending them useful and pertinent information like promotions, newsletters, and product updates.

Additionally, you may add social media connections to your emails, which will encourage your readers to share your material and broaden the audience for your business.


To summarize the benefits of email marketing is:

  1. Feedback
  2. More sales
  3. Right audience
  4. Save time!
  5. Brand awareness

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