27 Apr

5 hacks for when you need to choose between Time and Content

Finding the balance between creating content that gives you more results and improves your business performance whilst on a time restriction is difficult. However, at Merali Digital we have mastered the best way to tackle that! And it starts with this... 


1. Having a Content Strategy in place that outlines goals and objectives will help structure your workload. 


2. Make specific choices that uniquely position you to create sustainable advantage and superior value to the competition. 



3. A common perception about content scaling is that it requires more content and a bigger headcount, although neither is necessarily true!. In this situation you have to ask yourself: Do you care about the size of your Business or the size of your audience? As many companies make the mistake of focusing on the former due to the preconceived notion that you’re doing the right thing by making sure you’re everywhere.However, we believe, if you focus on the size of your audience, scaling becomes much more allowing you to ultimately have the right kind of business impact. 


4. One thing we’re doing a lot more of now is starting with data and then creating content for our business needs based off of that data, which is correct, and here at Merali Digital we’ve seen some great organic growth and also even proportional growth based on using search optimisation as kind of the baseline for a lot of the content we’re creating for solid results. Being a digital marketer myself, I do believe that- one person’s entire job is content performance. For all kinds of analysis of reporting. Looking how content has worked for your Business and what your audience is responding too/what they want to see! Any aspect that can help performance.



5. Another successful tactic is targeting specific influencers with your content so that they can do some of that legwork for you by becoming a part of the conversation/selling etc. Using your target specific influencers, gets you more engagement with your content as well gets your product/services in front of the influencer's vast audience (even those who may have not been your Target Audience until now) thus adding a significant number of eyeballs to your brand. 


Check out our next week's blog where we share with you tips on why team work is a necessary pillar in content marketing!



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