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CapCut... Is it any good?
    28th October, 2022

As a content creator, I know that creating good quality videos for my client’s social media pages is important which is why I enjoy creating my video content compared to when I edit on Tiktok or Instagram. Yes, both platforms are great for editing and recording quick videos but with Capcut, it allows the user to take those videos and add so much more. You can crop and cut, add transitions and animations, and organise it all in a way that would make photo editing a lot more fun!

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Social Media Marketing Done Correctly
    23rd October, 2022

Do you remember when you used to spend time creating social media posts? and not see any results? and then you lost all hope wondering how you could have spent all that time yet get little to nowhere with your business. Well, worry no more, for I have compiled my go-to magical 8 pointers for you to keep in mind if you want to improve your social media presence:

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