19 Mar

Content strategy is endless!


As we all know creating content is very time consuming. Staying uat all hours editing, brainstorming, creating mood boards. However, studies have shown that customers mostly scrap 95% of their content because it accomplishes nothing, only around 5% of total content is consumed.  

That’s so much waste!  

If we think about content marketing in a different light, we do not really understand how it drives human behaviour or how it connects to brand strategies, we know that content is indeed marketing and should be strategic while being effective but it should help us act on what we want to do, not just hover around us like an annoying fly. 

 Here are a few tips to help you: 

1. We need business objectives to reflect on our sales, conversions and values, but a massive help is the growing funnel which covers awareness. 

2. Perform a measurable plan, use SMART goals to help you achieve your business goal but also just remember this improves your brand credibility.  

3. Now from the information you have gathered you need to build a content strategy that connects to your brand strategy. To enable this, you need to balance the right audience with your true brand equity and that will help you make all decisions with a greater purpose. 

Strategic content requires new thinking and making sequential decisions. At Merali Digital we construct experiment to find out what works and build on success in time.  

Most of your content will probably have no impact. The minority will be as little as 5% and will show all results. but implementing a few helpful tips the element of the 5% will lead to success. Content has an ability to make our customers happy and we are going to see to it that it succeeds. Just remember to always weigh up what works, get rid of anything that fails. 



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