5 Jan

Digital Marketing Strategies to try in 2024

In this increasingly digitalised lifestyle, its key to keep up with the latest trends. Based on success in previous years, here are some strategies that we recommend trying out for your business in 2024!


8 second attention span

Over time, the use of digital marketing has increased, but our attention span has decreased. According to a Microsoft study, the average attention span has dwindled to just 8 seconds. To put this into perspective, it's worth noting that goldfish, known for their fleeting attention spans, manage to hold focus for 9 seconds!

This means first impressions are key! This means you should use:

-       Eye-catching images and videos to capture attention within the first few seconds

-       Bold typography

-       Social media stories

-       Intriguing thumbnails and previews


Interactive content 

Interactive content involves quizzes, polls, infographics and more and is a strategy used by businesses to increase the time spent on their pages. this allows for better consumer experience and higher conversion rates which can ultimately help meet your business aims.

This tactic also allows for data collection which can then be analysed and utilised by companies to make changes for their customers specific needs.


Collaborating with influencers 

While the previous strategies can increase your current customers interaction and satisfaction, collaborating with influencers can increase your entire consumer base and lead to rapid growth. Influencers tend to be trusted by their viewers and so ads they promote have credibility making this a useful tactic.

Other benefits to collaborating with influencers are:

-       Access to new markets

-       Real time feedback

-       Cross promotional opportunities


SEO marketing

SEO marketing stands for search engine optimisation. This is crucial for anyone using digital marketing. It involves optimising your online presence to improve your websites visibility. SEO marketing can build up your brand and give your business credibility. It also allows for targeted trafficking and better conversion rates so you aren’t wasting your advertising budget!




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