6 Jan

Digital Marketing trends to look out for in 2022!

Now that we have reached the end of 2021, we can all agree it has been, yet another, eventful year, especially in the ever-evolving digital marketing world. The pandemic taught us ways in which we can use the digital platforms for our businesses and garner more sales, via the internet. It has also encouraged traditional businesses to make that switch online and as a result, increased the competition in the existing market. 

In this blog, we will be diving into the different trends to look out for so that your business can, not only remain relevant but also allow you to understand your field of market and gain clients thus, allowing you to make more sales.  


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Influencer marketing is relatively still a new form of marketing and it looks at using a celebrity, a well-known person from your sector or simply a person with a lot of followers and likes, to use a content-driven marketing campaign.  

This is what we can also call a collab between businesses, for example, Justin Bieber X Crocs. This is a win-win situation as Crocs would be able to use Justin’s platform to gain customers to their brand and Justin would benefit too as Crocs is a well-known brand and so he would be able to garner more followers and likes and of course get paid to advertise.  

However, influencer marketing doesn’t have to be with a-list celebrities or well-known individuals but it can be through influencers with a large audience and high engagement rates. As a result, you would be able to have these influencers advertise your brand within your budget. Of course, it's preferred if you hire an influencer that is in the same niche as your products, for example, if you sell makeup products, you would look at an influencer that creates makeup tutorials and videos. Therefore, using this to your advantage in 2022 would allow you to build your online presence and help you gain loyal customers to your brand.  


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SEO has been the longest form of digital marketing and we know for certain that it is here to stay! A couple of cool features to keep an eye out for -  

  • The more keywords you have, it would allow for a featured snippet and as a result, when a consumer is searching through the search engine and see the featured snippet that is detailed, it would help with your credibility and increase traffic to your website. 

  • Creating blogs, having a mobile-friendly website, and writing long-form content will also help you rank on the top of the search engine and allow you to garner more leads.  


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As we all know, video marketing has been on a rise, from the explosion of Tiktok which was released in 2016 to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. In 2022, we will see a continuous rise to video marketing as studies by motioncue have shown that ‘33% of consumers said the video was the best at keeping brands top of mind’ and we believe that this would continue to increase. 

So, it's safe to say that using video marketing would help develop and build your brand presence in an enjoyable way while also allowing you to expand on your target audience especially since ‘68% of consumers spent a quarter or more of their time on social media watching videos. Visual content has always been more entertaining and it allows attraction and engagement to your target audience. 

As a business, it is extremely important to take advantage of this and create videos to showcase the uniqueness of the brand. 

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