17 Jun

Do you actually know enough about SEO? 🤔

Since you’ve clicked on the link already, you may have a general idea of what SEO is but do you actually know how and why it is such a big part of any website development?


SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results on search engines (Search Engine Land definition).

SEO is important as most website traffic generates from search engines, and you can attain an enormous amount of traffic from even a portion of the searches. For example, if you search ‘lemon drizzle cake’ on google about 21,000,000 results come up so even if 5% of the searchers enter your website, that is still 1,050,000 visits, and from then on a smooth conversion can be planned with a great website.


SEO works by optimising your site, so if a searcher searches for ‘second-hand gym shoes’, search engines like Google or Bing will bring out what they think are the ‘best’ results based on their algorithm i.e., loading speed, relevancy and more. Organic search is seen by Google to be the most trustworthy, relative, and authoritative website or web page on the subject as it scans billions of sites in order to find the best-suited results for the search.

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Tips and Tricks to help you with SEO:

  • Relevancy: choose closely related keywords when building your website so that when searchers see your website, it is what they were searching for. In 2006, BMW was ‘blacklisted’ from Google as they breached Google’s guidelines when BMW had ‘used cars’ as one of its keywords. Therefore, choose keywords related to your business.
  • Authority: Google has this unique feature where if a website has other pages linking back to it, it is deemed as accurate. These are called backlinks. It is kind of like a review but for websites.
  • Usefulness: This means how the layout of the website is. If it is easy to read and navigate and it looks nice on all types of devices, then it has a higher chance of ranking high. If users enter your website and can’t understand it, then the website is not useful. Google measures usefulness by ‘user experience signals.’
  • Customers and keywords: Finding keywords customers use and then using them to build your website to increase your rank. You can do this by building a customer persona and seeing what they would type (there are apps for these) or using tools like SEMrush to find the keywords.

Key Takeaways

SEO or search engine optimisation is an important aspect that can help increase the traffic to your website. It is free (however it requires resources and time investment to improve your SEO) and 70-80% of searchers click on SEO results. SEO works by optimising your site for the search engine it wants to rank for. To rank higher on search engines, take into account; relevancy, authority, usefulness and customers/keywords. However, there are many more resources that go into account when working on SEO.

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