15 Jul

Executing Online Presence for Small Businesses P1

When it comes to online presence, social networking platforms can be a huge value. Benefits include being free, trackable resources and have a wide range of sourced connections. Making this a great way for meeting marketing needs at a cost less price. Here are a few ways to help kickstart and push your business online!

Choose a platform that links with you and your audience. Successful small businesses normally use ones that they are familiar with, as it is easier and more effective when you know how to engage and use it. Look for social media channels you already use and see if your audience is active there too. If not, you may need to broaden your search, but if the audience fit is right it makes sense to explore what they use.


As we are all aware our mind and eyes wander and look for things that catch our attention. Visual feeds like Pinterest or Instagram are the ideal platforms for quick, engaging content that gives you the chance to land a message but bear in mind it does depend on the type of business you are in. Always mix up your inspiring content and promotional links to your own products and services to entice the correct audience.

Stories are great for product news, giveaways or a general behind-the-scenes look to tease something new, or to host Q&As between your brand and your audience. Stories are only available on Instagram, Facebook and snapchat but for a small business advising, Instagram would be a huge benefit to grow your business.



Once you have mastered the above you can move onto something a bit more advanced and broader like blog writing or email marketing. There is one thing that is agreed in small business marketing, it is the value of storytelling. By creating a blog or an email campaign you can turn your business journey into ongoing valuable content. As a bonus, it can also add SEO value to your site. 


Sounds good right? Give the above a go and stay tuned for our next blog on how to execute online presence through blogging and email marketing!




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