Our iPad Pro review is very positive first impression of Apple’s latest iPad and its features. Our first impressions:

The design follows in the footsteps of the iPad Air 2, only that is a lot larger. Susie Ochs at Macworld US says – “The iPad Pro is so much bigger [than the Air 2] but doesn't feel unbalanced or awkward. I could hold it easily, but - and I realise you'll make fun of me for this, and that's OK - I sort of wished it had a kickstand like the Surface Pro."


The iPad Pro Screen:

It’s got a 12.9 inch display in comparison to the 9.7 inch display on the iPad Air which is 78 percent more screen space than the next largest iPad. It is also supposed to power-efficient and it knows when the ‘content on your screen is static and cuts the refresh rate in half, to 30 second times per second instead of 60. This means that the screen isn’t just big, beautiful and bright. It’s also incredibly energy efficient.’ The screen is also charmingly responsive.

New features;

The iPad Pro speakers: Comes with four giant speakers as opposed to the twin speakers in iPad Air 2. This already is music for our ears. The design has evolved too, it’s got a new casing that gives the speakers a wider frequency range and up to 3 times more acoustic output than previous iPad models.

Power efficiency: This is a disappointment because Apple’s battery issues still prevail. Although it is combined with the Low Power Mode in IOS 9, it does look like Apple is taking its battery efficiencies seriously.

Camera: It comes with an 8 Mega Pixel Camera, which is a rear-facing iSight camera. It is identical to the rear camera on the iPad Air 2.

Storage: It comes with an unusual set of storage choices. Usually with IOS devices our choices are 16GB, 64GB, 128GB and occasionally 32GB. The iPad pro Wi-Fi only version of the Pro comes with just two: 32 GB or 128 GB, also if you want the cellular model then you’ve only got one option; the full 128 GB.

Battery Life: Apple claims that the battery life can last for up to 10 hours. This is the same as Ipad Air 2 (including video play and web use). Just by the way, the iPad Pro saves power by automatically adjusting the screen refresh rate depending on the amount of movement on screen – something that no other IOS device can do, yet. According to Apple


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