22 Apr

Keep calm and carry on...

As we encounter the shock of this pandemic’s effect on our work and clients, we must now plan for the short term and prepare for the uncertainty of the long term. All digital marketing companies and even freelancers, need to now adapt and change their content creating tactical ways of advertising your business in a fun and eye catching way whilst you cannot deliver your service as normal. Most importantly is having the ability to adapt to dramatic changes in the customer needs, their journey and brand. Your content needs to provide comfort and reassurance, so that clients can see that you are understanding of the journey right now and how it is beneficial for the company. So, it’s really the best time to create your story!

Here are ways to rethink, restructure and recreate: 

  • Know your client’s brand with a clear understanding of the needs that must be met.  You can use  tools like google insights and social channels for research.
  • Identify the blank spaces where new content is needed to be put in place.
  • Make the time to change up your content on each social platform and how you interact with your audience.
  • Always measure your changes so you know what is working and to determine what needs to change.  

We must try and focus on the content so that we can reach out to everyone and be apart of the current trend, but most importantly communication is key. Find ways to interact with your customers to boost your views, insights and impressions. You will then start to find out what  content drives engagement and leads you into the direction your brand should follow.

During this time, Merali Digital has come together as a family and are starting to reach out to small/medium businesses offering free advice to those who need a little helping hand with their online presence and how to keep their business running through social media.

If you are or know of small local businesses that would need some help promoting their business and services let us know in the comments below or email us at marketing@meralidigital.co.uk. We are also available on social media @meralidigital. 

Stay home, stay safe, stay connected!



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