29 Sep

The 5 Benefits Of Brainstorming

Running out of ideas and hit a creative brick wall? Brainstorming is your answer! Get your creative flow back by simply branching off your thoughts, creating different pathways and avenues you never thought you could ever get to!

Don't look at the big picture, start from the beginning and take small steps in getting to where you want. Brainstorming allows you to freely propose ideas with no right or wrong answer! It is very frustrating when you’re sitting tapping your pen for hours and staring into space. So to get started the first most important idea is conversation. Allow other ideas to combine in your thoughts, everyone has their own way of doing things so speak openly! But not every idea will be the brainiest and that's where the next point comes in...

It is important to state ideas even if they aren't perfect, it is part of the process and can make something click for someone else. The theory of idea building is to share ideas, which trigger new ideas which creates another chain of new thoughts. The only way idea building can thrive in a session is if no ideas are completely ruled out, as it limits your success to a good brainstorm.

Another pointer of having a brainstorming session is to get out of a normal routine, your comfort zone. Although you may think everything is all in working order it’s good to have a change, pushing to new levels and new ways of thinking. Revealing improvements, you never knew you needed to make.


Brainstorming can create a team atmosphere; they don't just happen without people. Inviting others into the session helps solidify that you are on the same team and opens up new areas, letting others branch off your ideas and vice versa. In no time you'll have a whole list of ideas!


Always make sure all your ideas are written down, so nothing gets missed. Remember every idea counts! The best parts of leaving a brainstorm is the list of ideas you can take with you and this will help build your future business, not everything may be needed there and then, but it can help towards your next path.

If you are ever stuck on an idea or need some new fresh ones, then give brainstorming a try! It will get you thinking more creatively and is guaranteed to produce better work and what's more is that without you knowing, your mind will start opening up new paths leading to more ideas! It’s all about thinking outside the box. It's really that simple.




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