28 Feb

The Art of Roaming Creativity

Creative minds always tend to wander the unknown, drawing them to both the journey and what they find along the way. In the digital marketing world, the goal is mainly about ideas planning and execution, ones that haven't been unfolded yet. A proven point is that being creative is a mindset - it requires pushing the boat out as they say. Being fearless but excited at the prospect of revealing the new untold story.


Have you ever been creatively stuck? Being fixated on one thing but not stepping back to see what's around us. Focusing has a huge impact on our creative process. We must occasionally switch our focus, relax, and see the possibilities of what might’ve been missed or what has been overlooked? 

Creativity is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle, for example, start by putting all the pieces out on the table and think about how you build them together to create the final picture. Sometimes move away from the puzzle piece and come back to see that certain pieces of the puzzle do come together.


There are many ways to overcome a creative problem; a helping hand is to relax. I know this is easier said than done but you can even try different things like listening to music or using the calm app (insert a link to this app) to collect your thoughts in a peaceful environment.

The end result of these creative journeys is ultimately to establish an extraordinary relationship between a brand and its audience that was unseen. This is how we create a strategy.


Do you have a way to overcome your creative block? What’s your positive outcome? We are interested to hear everyone's view!


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