1 Jul

The Growth of A.I

Artificial Intelligence is the process of computers replicating human intelligence to replicate human behaviour and complete tasks in their place.

In recent years, the usage of artificial intelligence has grown drastically. This is greatly attributed to the fact that several companies have made A.I. software that are easy to use for the general public. One of the most common applications of A.I are personal assistants for phones and computers i.e. Cortana and Siri.

A.I. have both greatly benefited the general public by providing services that are optimised to produce faster services to users whilst simultaneously increasing the unemployment rates by replacing the workforce of manufacturing companies.

A.I has helped reduce the need for workers to engage in repetitive processes which has highly benefited the mental wellbeing of workers as computers can complete repetitive tasks without getting tired. This also benefits companies as they don’t have to pay computers and they do not get sick. Computerised roles are also used in the medical field as surgery robots are used to improve the effectiveness of surgery on patients that require complex surgery. 

However, if the surgery robot malfunctions it could lead to a fatal injury so it is important that the software of surgery robots are tested effectively to prevent the chances of the robot malfunctioning.

Due to the rapid availability of A.I. systems, a discourse around accountability has been opened. The questions asked include should A.I have rights? Who should be held responsible if A.I systems malfunction? The answers are not clear as A.I system are still relatively new and are still being researched by the companies developing them. 



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