The IPhone Smart Battery Case

All the innovations present in the latest iPhone range (3D touch, better camera, faster processor etc.) Apple failed to make any headway on the spec that matters most: battery life. The iPhone smart battery case still isn’t really great on the whole as it is quite bulky and unattractive although Apple has tried to fix this by making the edges super slim, but then again most battery cases are unattractive.

    The case comes in white or black, and costs $99 (£ 65.26). It also apparently delivers 25 hours                  of talk time, 20 hours of video, and 18 hours of LTE usage (mobile communications standard). Let’s cut Apple some slack and agree that this is a major improvement for a device that quite often doesn’t last throughout the day for so many of us.

Apple has still managed to enter the field like it always has “with innovative design and a clever, accessible feature set”. The case is made of a soft silicon exterior as opposed to a plastic case. The case is also one unit rather than pieces of Voltron glued together. It works hand in hand with a lighting cable, and whilst your phone is in the case it displays the battery life on your screen. The case will stop charging your phone and will charge your phone according to the amount of battery remaining so you don’t have worry about turning your phone on or off. Which let’s face it, is awesome! It’s not though an extraordinary additive compared to other iPhone cases. Some websites sell these chargeable cases at a much cheaper price. They also look very sleek in comparison to the iPhone case

As always, Apple thinks outside the box therefore the design is a more feel-at-home design.  Even though it is bulky, it is also super-slim on the edges with a bump in the back.

The iPhone smart batter case is the best answer to the iPhone, it is also a quick solution that solves your battery problem. It’s not the cheapest solution or even the most powerful, but on the whole it is smart and different in a distinctly apple way. 


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