28 Aug

The Pandemic Won't Stop Us!

During these unsettling times, we have all been hit horribly. We've been tested at home, at school and at work especially! New ways have been implemented, creating what we call the new ‘normal’.

The key communication to the world throughout this pandemic has been 'virtual' and for all our marketers out there, this means competition and most importantly time to step up our game.

As Marketers materialise from the initial shock of the pandemic’s effect on their work, lives and strategies, we’ve all had to begin to make tactical decisions for the short term and prepare for the uncertainties of the long term.

As we know our clients want to seek comfort, be reassured and to stick to what they know what was working for their brand or business. In effect, new customer journeys are being drawn in real time at this uncertain time. Learning new functional ways to bring the business back to life. This rapid change in journeys creates opportunity and risk which the client themselves, but this is more of an advantage and shall I say a step in the right direction while they watch their competitors sit on the side-lines and wait for normality to return.

We must achieve:

  • The client is aware of the importance of how content has a business impact and is progressively bespoke.
  • The customer journey has been shown and is broadly understood across either product, brand, channels and content.
  • Content is a key identifier from competitors.

Here are the ways we help you along this journey... 

We make sure we know a clear understanding of the needs that must be met and the questions that must be answered.

  • Identify gaps where new content is needed.
  • Adapt the content to each channel where you interact with your audience. Share the content across your channels to ensure consistency.
  • Measure content to allow to see what’s working and for what needs to change.
  • Make sure your business is heard.

As we are all aware, sometimes you win some you lose some. The question is are you doing what you can to reposition your business to suit the current market?

At Merali Digital HQ, strongly believe there is a high chance you will get yourself back on track if you show a complete understanding of what content drives engagement and action this in the strategy, and then use that as a critical input into the direction of the foreseeable!

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