19 Dec

The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Marketing Ideas

With Christmas only days away, it’s time to get your customers excited for the festive season. Everyone loves the build up to Christmas and there’s nothing better than your favourite brands getting you into the holiday spirit. Even though it’s only around the corner, there is still some time for your business to celebrate. That’s why we’ve put together some marketing ideas that will add some Christmas magic to your sales!


Add Some Festive Flair to Your Branding.

Changes like adjusting your logo can make a big difference in setting that Christmassy mood. It can be as simple as using festive colours or if you’re feeling merrier you could give your logo a makeover with a Santa hat or some reindeer antlers. You could even add some festivity to your website and social media accounts. Think about changing the colour of your profile headers or web pages to fit the Christmas theme.



Launch a Christmas Sale

Everyone loves a good deal especially around the Christmas period. So why not offer some exclusive Christmas discounts to your customers! If your business is online, you can even add some fun redeemable codes like ELF20 or SANTASALE to add some Christmas joy at the checkout. 


Decorate the Space

Add some festive cheer with some tinsel here and there. Everyone knows that Christmas décor never fails to get people into the Christmassy mood, so putting up a tree or turning on some lights will certainly brighten up the place and get some people through the door! 



A Countdown to Christmas Campaign

On the first day of Christmas my fave brand gave to me?

Get your customers exited to see what they can get in your ‘one week to Christmas countdown’ campaign. Each day can be a special discount, voucher, giveaway or a competition for your loyal customers to win. Rewarding your customers always comes with its benefits and besides it is the season of giving!



Now you’ve got some essential Christmas marketing tips why not contact Merali Digital to get your business ready for the new year! Email us at marketing@meralidigital.co.uk and get your digital marketing covered. Merry Christmas from Merali!



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