5 Sep

TOP TIPS: For Website Design In 2019

Be Responsive

Nowadays many people access the internet via multiple devices. Having a responsive web design provides your readers with optimal user experience, and the ability to view your website from a range of devices. Responsive web design also allows you to adapt to the demands and convenience for your customers, as well as increasing visibility in search engines.

Be Minimalistic

When it comes to website design, user experience is as important as the look and feel of the website that attracts your customers. A top trend for web design in 2019 is having a minimalistic website with a neutral colour palette. It is important not to clutter your site as this allows the focus to be on the content.

Keep it clean and simple!

·         Clear call-to-action

·         Remove any unnecessary text

·         No more than a handful of pages (easy navigation)

·         Remove counters (page views, tweets, likes etc. Social Media links are enough)

·         Limit each page to one graphic


Be Bold

Top tip: when everything looks bigger, your company looks bigger!

The Typography trend for 2019 is dramatic sizing, creative use of simple or custom typefaces and simple authentic images. The purpose of this is to give your website more personality and create focus and emphasis on the right content.


What do you think of these top 3 trends for web design?


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