Understanding The Background Of Why Rebranding Is Important


Branding is the element of marketing everyone is so keen to crack. A good brand shows customers who you are and what they can expect from your business. It’s not just a logo, strap line or other elements of the brand identity usually recognised as the brand; it’s the way a customer perceives your company and your product or service.


Businesses often need to rebrand, and it can be a result of many reasons, including international growth, new management, a bad reputation or an outdated image. Whatever the reason maybe, it’s important to create an exceptional brand that people will remember.




Breathe life into your business:


A number of businesses neglect their brand recognition which in turn ends up having a huge impact on the company’s future. This is due to the misconception that a logo is a brand and vice versa.

A brand is the sum of all the touch-points, that your current and/or potential customers, come in contact with. It is important that your brand, and especially your brand identity, is simple and effective. Although it might make sense to you, it shouldn’t require explaining to be understood. It should also allow you to stand out from your competitors, which in turn will help you push yourself into the wider market.


Make things measurable:


As I mentioned, a successful rebrand should have a positive impact on your business. This might include a larger social reach, international growth or simply more sales.


Without some form of benchmark for improvement, a rebrand can quickly become just a cosmetic exercise, leaving us wondering if it had any impact at all.


Switching colours is not always the answer!


I believe that a clear visual business can have no colour. I mean look at the difference between the "premium style" packaging that could be the next big move to the normal Pringle packaging.





They both target their specific audience, the difference is what story they are trying to tell and who the story is being told to!


Once you understand your customer and what it is that they want from your business, you can build a brand which connects with them and allows them to emotionally engage with you. It is through this sort of connection that brand loyalty is formed and this is how strong brands are always able to generate more growth and traffic.


Connect with new audiences:


Your target audience will have changed over a period. A rebranding strategy will help you reach out and connect with them. This might not include a change in colour, logo or creative; it might instead require you to look at your core values, messages and how you communicate.


"Be ready to set the trend"





Be the brand that adds value to their customers overall experience, rather than the one that just has a physical asset.


The world and your customer base is constantly evolving and rebranding allows you the opportunity to capitalise on these changes and boost your bottom line.







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