16 Feb

Why you aren't getting sales and how the Marketing Mix can help you?

Do you already have a business but don’t see conversions and an increase in sales? What do you need to do? Where should you start? There are a lot of steps that are needed to take place when creating your marketing strategy to build and develop your business. In this blog, I will be talking about how to successfully use the marketing mix. 

If you’re new in the industry or curious about marketing...You must be wondering, what is a marketing mix? To keep it short it is a set of actions that a business takes to promote their brand and the product/ service they sell. It is also the most fundamental component of marketing. When you decide what your product is, who is your target audience, what will the cost price of the said product be, and ultimately, how are you going to advertise your product or service? 

This is when you dive into the marketing mix strategy, also known as the 4Ps.  

There are mains Ps that make the marketing mix which are: 

Asset showing the 4Ps of the marketing mix which are Product, Place, Price and Promotion, each having a short description

Let’s look at the 4Ps in more detail:  

With Product, this is the physical item or service that you offer, you would identify consumer needs and its value for the customer and any expectations that you would want to achieve for this product/ service for the client 

At Merali Digital, our ‘Product’ is that we offer our digital services to help you promote and increase your brand awareness using digital marketing, web design and development, and branding. Asa result, we identify what the client or business would benefit from using our digital services.  

Now onto Price - This is pretty straightforward. It refers to how much you would like to sell your product/service. You would need to look at your competition and identify the selling price within your market and ensure that you stand out. This meaning that you would not set your price in the lower end since that would result in losing money but also not making your product too expensive so that you are able to gain more sales. In the beginning, this can be quite difficult as you are introducing your product/ service into the market, especially if it is something extremely new, so being able to identify the pricing is something that requires research to ensure that you are at a suitable price range that would allow you to garner sales but also gain profit in the process.  

At Merali Digital, we provide bespoke packages that are uniquely tailored depending on what services you would like us to provide and as a result, there is no fixed price. However, companies that sell physical products, for example, designer shoes, would need to have a specific price that they would want to sell to their clients, ensuring that the pricing is reasonable, and they gain profit from it 

Moving onto Place, this is where the client would be able to purchase your service/product, however, now with everything made available online, you are able to promote your product/ service from anywhere around the world. For example, if you sell designer as your product, then you may have a physical store that customers would go to, to purchase your product, or you can sell using digital platforms like Amazon and eBay or your own website where clients from all over the world can purchase your products online.   

Being a digital agency ourselves, we do have an office based in London; however, our services can be accessed digitally. So, when you purchase our services, it’s all done online.  

Lastly, Promotion, this would mean how you would advertise your services/products to your target audience to ensure you are able to get conversions. This can be achieved using a mix of organic and paid promotion. Paid ads like Google ads or social media ads, or through email marketing to make sure that you reach the correct audience.  

At Merali Digital, we use different social media platforms to reach various audiences and advertise our services. We can do the same for your business, helping you increase your brand awareness to advertise your services/ products to your market audience, and ensuring you garner sales and conversions.  

If you’re looking to grow your business, call us on 01923 823577 to speak with our digital marketing experts now or drop us an email info@meralidigital.co.uk with your query and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  




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