2 Dec

Why your business needs social media - Start Up Edition

*sigh* social media, where do I start? Social media is an interactive piece of technology that allows people to create and share information, ideas, hobbies, and other forms of expression through the medium of virtual communities and networks. 🤖 

In the world of digital marketing, social media is one of THE best ways to market your business. Not only does it significantly improve business sales, but it also has statistics proving it. For example, Picnic Artisanal Grazing started during lockdown by posting one picture that was shared by 5 others and gradually caught other people’s attention by how pretty their grazing box was. Now they are a whole company with a headquarter in Orange Country CA.  

 If that still hasn’t convinced you about the importance of social media ...let me give you 4 more reasons: 

           1. It influences a large amount of people’s lives

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    You can see this from Kylie Jenner’s lip trend impacting the demand for her lip kits 💋 making her the youngest billionaire to Kate Middleton’s shopping habits causing supermarkets run out of groceries.  
    Social media has a significant impact on one’s life whether it is normal life or business. Therefore, as a startup or a new business, you must be in the social media world to succeed in persuading potential customers to buy your products and services 

    2. Did you know 56.8% of the world population is on social media? And around 77.9% of the UK population are on social media! 🤯 

     someone using a laptop

    This makes advertising on social media the fastest way to reach potential customers as one targeted ad can reach a vast audience, it is also the cheapest way...which brings me to my next point

    3. Social media, when used organically, is free!!! 😁 

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    Making it the cheapest method of showing content to your clients. Even if you invest in advertising, it is cheaper than traditional marketing.

    4. The easiest way to increase brand awareness, is though social media as many potential customers can view the ad. The adverts can be tailored based on the target audience’s location and interests. 🤝 someone looking at graphs on their laptop

    At Merali Digitalour team can help you with your social media to market your business. We can offer advice on how to get started or we can post on social media on your behalf encapsulating your business’s persona and target the relevant audience based on your target demographics. If you want more information, please get in touch on 01923 823577 or visit https://meralidigital.co.uk/ 👍 



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